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2006 Honda Pilot

  • 2006 Honda Pilot

    Honda Pilot
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    • Check the condition of the following components: brakes, drive belts, battery cables, starter operation, intake system, vacuum hoses, air filter, fuel system, ignition system, cooling system, hoses and fan Check level and condition of the following fluids: coolant, engine oil, transmission, power steering, brake and waster Drain engine oil. Remove engine oil filter. Install new engine oil drain plug gasket if applicable and torque engine oil drain plug to factory specification. Install new engine oil filter and torque to factory specification.
    • Adjust tire pressure to factory specification
    • Reset service reminder if needed.
    • Customers oil pan has been over tightened over time. Drill out and re thread oil pan.
    • 1 Fault Found P2252 O2 Sensor Negative Current Control Circuit Low Bank 1 Sensor 1 Clear codes, advise customer if light returns further diagnosis will be needed.
    • Clean battery terminals.
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