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2021 RAM ProMaster 2500

  • 2021 RAM ProMaster 2500

    RAM ProMaster 2500
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    • Found evidence of an accident(s). The font core support has been replaced, the hood has been replaced, the drivers headlight assembly has been replaced. There has been repairs done to the power steering system on this vehicle using incorrect parts (example, using hose clamps that are 4 times bigger than needed). Mechanically the engine and transmission are in serviceable order. The transmission shifts fine, the engine moves the vehicle down the road. Recommend transmission service. It appears that the cooling system has been topped off with the incorrect coolant. Recommend coolant flush. Customer notified Temecula Valley Import that the van has been in 2 accidents. Found faults in the Occupant Restraint (Please see notes about the vehicle scan).
    • DTC (6) ORC(Air Bag/Occupant Restraint) ( 1 DTC ) B2208-00 Occupant Restraint Controller Internal 2 !!! — THIS FAULT MAY INHIBIT DEPLOYMENT OR MODIFY THE DEPLOYMENT STRATEGY — !!! THIS VEHICLE WAS NOT REPAIRED CORRECTLY AFTER THE ACCIDENTS. TPM(Tire Pressure Monitor) ( 5 DTCs ) C1012-88 TPM sensor location undetermined – bus off C1010-54 TPM sensor missing calibration C1002-31 Right front sensor no signal C1001-31 Left front sensor no signal U1700-87 BCM – missing message
    Nance A. gave our service a 5 star review on 5/24/2024


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